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I’ve finally made the move and joined my alter egos Lia Michaels and Tawny Savage here at HostGator. I’m excited to be here and explore all that a WordPress blog has to offer. Blogger was fun, but after the scare early this year concerning adult themed blogs, I thought it best to move. Even though my writing isn’t on the explicit side, I wanted to move now before I became entrenched. At this point, it was easy to switch over to a self-hosted site with another domain name.

I learned a lot through trial and error setting up Tawny’s move to HostGator. It’s much easier to switch to a new domain name than to try to move everything over and then take the chance of getting locked out of the admin part. Yes that happened to me but luckily, the folks at HostGator helped me get it all squared away. They make it so easy to do even for someone who isn’t computer savvy. I’ve figured out how to do things all by trial and error—and keeping the IT guys on speed dial! LOL

online_friends_comment_04Thank you all for stopping in and please make sure you sign up to subscribe to the blog so you can get the latest updates on what’s going on in my world.

See you around!


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