Video Debute for @dochappycamper and her #Vampire #Poetry Collection The Courtship of the Vampyre

Hello! I’m one of Stephanie’s alter egos. My name is Tammy Dennigns Maggy and besides erotic romance, I write poetry. My second collection was released in February and already it’s creating a buzz for the companion series I’m working on. The poems outline the storyline for The Kayne Legacy series. Instead of going through all the details here, I thought it would be fun just to let you watch the video and see what you think. 

During the production of the trailer, a few more characters decided they wanted to have their stories told as well, so it looks like this series will be at least 5 books long. Stay tuned for more information on that and make sure you look for The First Borne (Kayne Legacy 1) in the fall. We’re shooting for August/October 2013.

I’d like to thank Stephanie for the chance to promote my new video trailer here on Through Stephanie’s Eyes. 


~Tammy (aka The Vixen)

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New Banners for the Author Guest Spots!

Welcome back folks! I recently announced the new additions to our guest author feature line up and now I’m thrilled to show off the new banners we designed for them. My alter egos and I had been working hard on these trying to give a bit of a unique twist to the banners for each of our blogs. We decided to make mine a bit different from the rest since I’m the “good” girl of the bunch. LOL! Seriously, I try to keep things at a PG rating here at the most but I did give a little heat to the banners. Well, see for yourself.  Let me know what you think!

I’m still deciding on whether or not to have a banner for Thursday Thirteen. Maybe I’ll come up with something after Tammy and Lia come up with the banners for the Saturday Spotlight on their blogs and our Sassy Vixen Blog. 
I’ll keep you posted as to what we come up with. Until then, see ya all later!

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