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Well, where do I start?

I’m one of the four alter egos created by another author. The love of all books of all genres inspired her to create different pen names to fit each genre she wished to write in. Young Adult categories, mainstream fiction and sweet romances belong to me. Erotic romance, poetry and erotica are Tammy Dennings Maggy’s territory and Lia Michaels writes erotic romance and erotica involving menage, GLBT relationships and just about anything considered taboo. Tawny Savage is also in charge of the taboo but more of the dark fantasy/horror variety such as Bigfoot erotica.

The four of us make up the core authors of Sassy Vixen Publishing and will be developing a shared world centered on an adults only island where anyone’s fantasies could come true. Even though I don’t write the explicit stuff, the sweet and sensual fantasies will also be delved into at Temptations Resort. I can’t wait for that series to open up to other authors. Temptations could very well be a huge success across multiple genres. You can learn more about that by visiting Sassy Vixen Publishing for updates.

If you are wondering what a shared world series is like, make sure you check out the FABULOUS Wiccan Haus series. If we can create a world even half as wonderful as they have with the books in the Wiccan Haus series, then we will be flying high.

So what’s currently on my plate? Like many authors, I am working on many different things at once, but the number one work in progress is called The Do Over.  The heroine is over forty and at a crossroads in her marriage of barely two years. In that short period of time, she and her husband seemed to have drifted apart. Although she loves him dearly, when the invitation for her 25th high school reunion came in the mail, she secretly hoped he wouldn’t want to fly with her for the celebration. Unfortunately her wish came true.

On the flight back to the state she used to call home, she met a beautiful and exotic woman sitting next to her in first class. Within a few moments, she felt so at ease with the bronzed beauty with the silver eyes that she confessed her deepest secret. There was a boy in high school who she was madly in love with but never acted on it. Since then she always wondered about him and what would have happened if she would have confessed how she felt at the time.

As she dozed off during the flight, her new friend said a few breathless words before sprinkling her with a the petals of three white roses. “Sleep well, my friend. Your wish has been granted. Let’s see if the grass is greener this time around, shall we?”

So my heroine gets to find out if her life would have been better with her childhood crush, or with the one who holds her heart now. Will she realize her mistake in time?  Stay tuned!


Couple Dangerous MedicineIn the final stages is my debut romantic suspense. In Dangerous Medicine, you will meet Dr. Miranda Jacobs, a veterinary cardiothoracic surgeon in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Thefts of one of the most common veterinary anesthetics are on the rise resulting in the sale of it on the street as “Special K.” Miranda comes face to face with the devastating effects of ketamine when her brother is slipped some at a fraternity party. He has a severe allergic reaction that ultimately puts him into a coma.


Miranda puts her fast-paced career on hold in order to be with her family at her brother’s bedside. It’s on the way to the hospital that she literally collides with Detective Jake Martinelli. Sparks fly between them, and Miranda finds herself fiercely attracted to Jake even though she knows very little about him.


Jake Martinelli is nearly knocked off his feet when he meets Miranda for the first time. Normally he’d avoid headstrong, career oriented women like her, but something drew him in like a moth to a flame. She awakened feelings he thought dead a long time ago. He tried to ignore his growing attraction for her  while he concentrated on finding the person responsible for putting her brother in the coma, but his mind continued to wonder what it would be like to have her in his bed.


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